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Original Source by Dustin Catrett

Florida reigns supreme for growing big bass and big alligators. With his hand on the tiller our guide Hunter Hall keeps the skiff’s bow close to the shoreline as Bob points to several Jurassic sized alligators along its edge. Hunter, whose family owns conducts year round bass fishing charters and alligator hunts in south Florida where my friend Bob Carnes is attempting to complete both in a single day.

Located a little more than hour’s drive southeast of Orlando, Bob and I met Hunter at the Headwaters Lake public ramp at first light to fish in the morning before we would head south to his family’s ranch for the gator hunt that afternoon. After a short boat ride along the Lake’s main navigation channel we veered left through an opening of hyacinths and into a small cattail lined cove. After only a few casts Bob set the hook into a monster sized largemouth that was too heavy to jump completely out of the water yet managed to spit the hook after sloshing under the matted hydrilla. “Did you see the size of that fish?” He said excitedly, while reeling in his line. “I told you there’s some big ones in this lake,” laughed Hunter. Although we never connected with another lunker of that size as late summer isn’t exactly prime fishing for any Florida lake, Bob and I did however manage to both land at least a dozen or so thick Florida largemouth with several nearing five pounds before the unbearable midday heat signaled the end to our charter. [Continue Reading]

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