White Tailed Deer Hunts in Okeechobee, FL

Arrive as a guest and leave as a friend!

Signature White Tailed Deer Hunts in Okeechobee, FL

Our white tail deer hunts are our most popular big game hunts. We have become known for harvesting monster typical white tail deer and try to provide one of the finest deer hunts in Florida. Once you have sat in one of our custom-built tree stands or popup blinds overlooking a food plot and witnessed a giant whitetail appear from out of the woods, you had better have what it takes to handle a severe case of buck fever. Sometimes we employ spot and stalk style hunts as well.

We offer a wide range of deer to try for from a management buck all the way up to our King Kong bucks. Depending on your budget, we try to find you the deer of your dreams. The cost of each hunt includes two days/four hunts along with guiding, food, and lodging.

There are three ingredients that go into growing big white tail deer. First is our powerhouse genetics, which you will appreciate firsthand. Once you see the deer walking across the pasture, you’ll know. Second is age. We harvest only mature, older deer. Third, nutrition. We feed a 16% protein pellet feed custom blended and produced exclusively for us locally in Okeechobee. We also plant many acres of high protein grasses and forage throughout our preserve.


Even though the State allows us to begin hunting white tails earlier, we don’t generally start until the beginning of October. We like for the weather to cool down somewhat so there are fewer bugs and our white tail deer begin to experience pre-rut.


No license is necessary for hunting white tails on our private preserve as we purchase an annual blanket hunting license for our clients.


Any caliber from a .243 to a .338 would work just fine. A good quality scope is a must and generally shots are approximately 100 yards. We loan our weaponry at no charge. Travelling through an airport with a firearm? Check out this link www.tsa.gov


After the “congratulatory high fiving” and photos, we bring your trophy white tail deer back to our cleaning and processing area to be worked on.

The cost of your hunt includes skinning, quartering and taxidermy prep work if desired. You bring the cooler, we have the ice.

My two boys and I had the great pleasure of deer hunting at Florida Hunting Adventures this past November. My twelve-year-old son, Luke, was fortunate enough to harvest his first buck. As a father and a hunter, it was awesome experiencing that moment with my boys.

The stand locations were on point and comfortable making every hunt exciting. We saw deer, turkey, and all types of other species of wildlife on every hunt – this kept my boys on the edge of their seats!


White Tail Deer Hunt Prices

  • Management Buck: 120" - 134": $3,250.00
  • Shooter Buck: 135" - 144": $3,750.00
  • Trophy Buck: 145" - 159": $4,950.00
  • Mega Buck: 160" - 174": $6,950.00
  • Monster Buck: 175" - 199": $8,950.00
  • Buckzilla: 200" - 249": $12,000.00
  • KKB (King Kong Buck) 250" - 300"+: $15,000.00

*Based on SCI Scoring System

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