Axis Deer Hunting in Okeechobee, FL

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Axis Deer Hunts in Okeechobee, FL

Axis deer (Cervus axis) are considered by many to be the most popular exotic animal hunted in the US. The Axis deer originated in India and Sri Lanka.

Because of their distinct markings of rows of white spots on a medium brown coat heralding a three tined antler set, these animals make an outstanding trophy for any hunter’s trophy room. Most Axis deer are harvested with hard horns; however, some hunters prefer their horns still in velvet. The Axis deer is considered to be the finest table fare of all the Cervidae species.

Axis deer are extremely challenging to hunt. They favor the thickest cover available and have keen eyesight coupled with an acute sense of smell.

The preferred method of hunting Axis deer is hunting them from a tree stand near a natural food source such as a food plot or an oak tree dropping acorns.

At Florida Hunting Adventures Axis deer can be hunted year-round.

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