Why hunt in a preserve?

Arrive as a guest and leave as a friend!

Why hunt in a preserve?

We understand that hunting in a preserve is not for everyone and neither is flying first class on an airplane, yet some people choose to do so.

A preserve area is just that – a preserve area. At Florida Hunting Adventures we start out with some of the best genetics anywhere. We want to keep inferior genetics out. We maintain excellent quality year-round food sources which include food plots and protein feeders. Ideally, we harvest three-year-old animals. Our preserve area allows animals to be born and mature as predators are kept to a minimum. We provide plentiful natural habitat in which our herds reproduce, hide, and ultimately thrive. Our goal at Florida Hunting Adventures is to offer an enjoyable, safe and challenging hunt!

So, the next time you are on an airplane and you choose first class seating or walk past to coach, it’s your choice.

Good hunting!