Bison/Buffalo Hunting in Okeechobee, FL

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Bison/Buffalo Hunting in Okeechobee, FL

Bison also known as buffalo are nomadic wanderers and used to travelling in large herds. Once sought after for their meat and hide, these animals played a significant part in American history. It remains an image of “out west”. Today, they are chased primarily as an epic hunting trophy and their meat is outstanding table fare.

Both males and females have short, black, curved horns and are considered the largest land mammal in North America.

Even though bison appear to be slow and harmless wanderers, don’t be fooled by their gait!!! The average size of a mature bull is approximately 1800 pounds and can run better than 35 mph. If they feel provoked or cornered, they will charge. More people are injured or killed by bison in Yellowstone in Yellowstone National Park than by bears.

At Florida Hunting Adventures generally “stock and stalk” is our method of hunting these beasts. Bison tend to prefer to be on open plains and our typical shot is 100-150 yards. A larger calibre of rifle such as a 270, a 30-06 or larger make a good choice.

Bison/Buffalo Hunting Pricing

  • Meat hunts/ females $3,650.00
  • Trophy hunts/ males $6,950.00

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