Wild Hog Hunts in Okeechobee, FL

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Hog Hunting in Okeechobee, FL

Wild hogs that are hunted in Florida belong to the Suidae family. They are a combination of wild European and domestic hogs which escaped several centuries ago and have cross bred in the wild. Wild hogs are prolific breeders having several litters of 8-10 piglets a year.

In many parts of the country, they are considered a nuisance as they are very destructive to farm and ranch lands, golf courses etc. and occasionally backyards. Hogs can be a danger to vehicles and people as they love feeding “rooting” alongside highways – especially at night. They are second only to deer in vehicular damage and accidental causes of death.

Now for the “good news” – hog hunting plays a vital role in managing and controlling hog population numbers. Wild boars are challenging and fun to hunt year-round on private land. Hog meat makes for excellent table fare. One of our favorites is to have it smoked and make pulled pork.
A big male boar hog with 2 inches or longer tusks makes for an outstanding trophy. Hogs come in many color combinations – brown, red, spotted, dirty white and most commonly black. Typically, the meat hogs we hunt are approximately 80-125 pounds.


At Florida Hunting Adventures we offer several different methods of hunting. We offer sitting in a tree stand overlooking a feeder at dawn or dusk or spotting and stalking in the field. By far our most popular and exhilarating method of hunting hogs is from atop a giant, moving swamp buggy. We literally take the hunt to the hogs.

Wild Hog Hunting In A Swamp Buggy

We intentionally do not use dogs because of the danger to the dogs from being accidentally shot or the dogs getting gored by a big boar’s tusks.


Yes, they certainly can be. If they are wounded or cornered, extreme caution should be taken especially if it is a big boar. This is generally not a problem on our buggy hunts because the hunter is way up on the buggy.
The cost of hog hunts with us includes skinning, quartering, preparing for taxidermy if desired, and icing your harvest. You bring the cooler, and we have ice.


Comfortable clothing. Camo is not necessary on our swamp buggy hunts. Match your clothing to the weather. During the warmer months of the year, short sleeved shirt and pants are recommended. Afternoon hunts in the summertime, a rain jacket is not a bad idea to bring along as well. During the cooler months, a long-sleeved shirt and pants are recommended. On cold days in winter, Okeechobee can get quite cool so bring a jacket. Closed toe footwear, visored hat and sunglasses are advised. Finally, bring a cooler for your take home meat and WE HAVE ICE.


Any caliber from a .223 to a .30-06 is ideal. The weapon of choice on our swamp buggy hunts is a .223 A/R platform with a red dot scope. We offer loaner weaponry at no charge although we do charge for ammunition. Travelling through an airport with a firearm? Check out the link www.tsa.gov

The cost of a hog hunt with us includes skinning, quartering, preparing for taxidermy if desired, and icing your harvest.

We look forward to welcoming you to Florida Hunting Adventures.

Wild Hog Hunting Pricing

  • $350.00 meat hog up to 174 lbs.
  • $595.00 A large trophy hog with 2" minimum tusks, or 175 lbs. and bigger
  • $995.00 Hogzilla 3"or more of tusk and 275+ lbs.

  • We offer loaner guns at no charge
  • No charge to clean, quarter and ice your meat.

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    Hog Hunt From A Swamp Buggy
    300lb trophy wild hog hunted in Okeechobee, FL
    Gary - 300lb Trophy Wild Hog

    I recently hunted at Florida Hunting Adventures for wild hog. Guide Ian gave me the latest intel gathered from the numerous game cameras. I selected a stand and just after arriving to the stand I heard heavy footsteps coming from a nearby stand of oaks. It wasn’t long before a massive boar stepped out!

    My heart was racing as I clipped into my bow and waited for a quartering away shot. Within seconds, he turned, and I let my arrow fly! The boar bolted away – but fell over stone dead less than 40 yards away!

    The beast weighed in at 288 pounds! The meat was delicious and fed three families! You better believe I can’t wait for my next adventure at Florida Hunting Adventures!