Wild Hog Hunts

Arrive as a guest and leave as a friend!

Hog Hunting

Our hog hunts normally take place in the early morning hours or in the evening over food sources. We offer both bow and rifle stands. We also employ spot and stalk method, or from a swamp buggy. The cost of this hunt includes cleaning and quartering of the hog packed into your cooler.

Hog hunts make an excellent addition to any combination adventure.

If a second hog is harvested on same hunt, a 10% discount will be applied on the smaller hog.


  • $350.00 meat hog up to 174 lbs.
  • $495.00 A large trophy hog with 2" minimum tusks, or 175 lbs. and bigger
  • An overnight stay at the lodge with a dinner and a continental breakfast included can be added for $150.00 per person/night.

I recently hunted at Florida Hunting Adventures for wild hog. Guide Ian gave me the latest intel gathered from the numerous game cameras. I selected a stand and just after arriving to the stand I heard heavy footsteps coming from a nearby stand of oaks. It wasn’t long before a massive boar stepped out!

My heart was racing as I clipped into my bow and waited for a quartering away shot. Within seconds, he turned, and I let my arrow fly! The boar bolted away – but fell over stone dead less than 40 yards away!

The beast weighed in at 288 pounds! The meat was delicious and fed three families! You better believe I can’t wait for my next adventure at Florida Hunting Adventures!